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Maintaining your results and creating sustainable habits takes time and practice.  Are you stressing about how will you maintain a certain weight after losing it?  We will work to help alleviate those fears and frustrations and help you become an effective leader of your life. 


This program is centered on lessening overwhelm and creating a baseline, sustainable lifestyle to uphold long-term results. Nutrition, physical activity, social and environment factors all play a role in stress management. 

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We work with you on 8 components of your lifestyle that contribute to your overall health and well-being.  Managing your stress is highly impacted by self-monitoring. We show you how to take control of your life and hold yourself accountable along the way. Tap into a community that provides added support and accountability.  Learn how to assess your own behavior and use the tools and concepts we provide to help you recalibrate and maintain at any point along the way. 


Living healthily will become a lot more fun as your happiness and confidence emerge.  Stress management is often described as a marathon rather than a race. We think of it as a Sustainable Lifestyle that brings joy and health to the surface. Stop getting in your own way!  Get what you need with the NOCK Collaborative's Stress Management Program.


We encourage you to explore and discover what works for you.  Maintaining good health is everybody’s goal and helping you achieve it through an enjoyable, safe and effective process, is ours. If you want to reduce life stress, improve your living, and seek help to sustain the results, you have landed in the right place. No more long-term diets or any weight loss program when you choose us. 

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What stress management
can do for you

Are you experiencing stress and overwhelm due to the demands of you personal and professional life?  Have you completed a diet or a weight loss program that is not sustainable but provided you with results?  Let us help you maintain your results, so you do not have to go back for more next year. At NOCK Collaborative, we have a community and a team working to help you create One Sustainable Lifestyle.

Meet real people who have encountered many of the same obstacles and certified professionals and experts that can help you get sustainable results through live events, on-demand recordings, and self-guided material. 


What’s Included In Our Stress Management Program?

We help our members manage stress by giving them the tools and the support they need to live a healthy and supportive lifestyle.

We care deeply about your success and aim to help you create a sustainable lifestyle with the guidance and support of our online community. Our team will be there to help you eat better, live well, and keep the weight off.

  • A confidential, weekly community check-in with the NOCK members who will be with you every step of the way. 

  • We encourage you to participate in live events through on-demand recordings and modules for a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain that will simultaneously help you get out of the diet cycle.

  • Take online quarterly assessments in order to help you stay on track and measure your progress.  Explore our digital habit libraries.

  • Wish to stay on the goal tracking? You can upgrade the plan anytime to get extra support from our expert coaches. 

Nock Begins Pricing Packages

Who Can Join The Stress Management Program?

If you desire a flexible approach with a growing community, you are determined to learn the art of moving through life events in support of your health, join the Stress Management Program offered by NOCK Collaborative today. 


We highly recommend joining if you are:


  • Want to repair your relationship with food. Manage  your emotions by developing your own personal toolbox.

  • Exhausted by diet or weight loss programs and are now seeking support & tools to get enduring results.

  • Our coaching will give you that extra boost to keep going.

  • You are driven toward taking a more proactive approach to your lifestyle and are willing to take action. Stay motivated with the weight management program workshops as fuel to get you there. 

  • Is stress running your life and keeping you away from your goals? Our personal coaching tool will help you to traverse barriers and lessen your stress levels

  • Tired of unhealthy comparison on social media and unrealistic imagery? You will be guided with how to keep your focus on problem-solving and dealing with challenging social situations

  •  Self-care is your goal and life events are distracting you from staying on track. Not anymore! Experience the motivational power of goals and experiences in our weight management plan that work with where you are at today and every day.  

Follow a realistic approach to solidify your results for the long run. Our dedicated team will give you the highest level of support required! 

Take part in our Stress Management solution

NOCK Collaborative offers an affordable subscription plan that can be easily maintained.  Discover a new way of reaching your goals! 

You are one step away to get guidance from passionate professionals!


  • Take online assessment

  • Schedule a Free, 45 Minute Coaching Call

  • Become a member

  • Take your first online NOCK Life Workshop

We offer group and 1:1 wellness coaching for highly committed, busy professionals and trail-blazing organizations
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