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Stephanie Fee Maschek Founder & CEO of NOCK Sustainable Wellness Certified Wellness Coach

Founder & CEO
Certified Wellness Coach

Stephanie Fee Maschek


Shift the course of your life by changing your days.  How can you stop beating yourself up, take your health into your hands, insert more happiness into your routine, and master important life skills that will set you up to live more freely and fully?  It all starts with how you approach each day. Stephanie will help you reap the health benefits that come with sustainable self-care, regenerative nutrition, and building a movement practice that is fun and effective.  You’ll learn how to approach your day more proactively, care for yourself and develop self-discipline that will set you up to get the outcomes you desire for the rest of your life. 

You deserve to have better days!

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Stephanie Fee Maschek is the Founder & CEO of NOCK and a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach.  After hitting rock bottom in 2015, experiencing burnout that resulted in gaining 70 pounds of unwanted weight, chronic pain and a divorce, she knew she needed to make a change.  For years she placed her health and wellness behind everything else in her life, making it impossible to get lasting results. She thought she was too busy to take care of her own well-being. That realization turned into a quest to integrate wellness into her life and in the process, she learned how to get results and maintain healthy habits for good. She lost the weight, created NOCK Sustainable Wellness and obtained her certifications.  Stephanie has helped hundreds of people find their personalized pathway to lasting change. She takes a fun, flavorful and safe approach and uses the science of nutrition and habit building to help others leave the past behind and carve out a new and exciting route to change.  When she is not at NOCK, you can find her in nature, challenging herself to adventurous pursuits, cooking and enjoying time with her friends and family.  

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