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How a Midday Routine Can Improve Your Health

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

There is a lot of buzz around having morning and evening routines that help you be more focused and intentional about your days and nights. The routines are meant to help you create habits that set you up for more productivity, peace of mind, and health.

Your morning routine can consist of getting movement in, meditation, reading, writing in your journal, setting intentions, eating a nutritious breakfast, drinking water, etc.

Your evening routine might have yoga stretches, reading, preparing for the next day, preparing for sleep, meditating, skincare, etc.

And while I also think these routines are important to center yourself and prepare you for what’s next, they leave a huge chunk of the day up for grabs.

So, I ask, does it make sense to have a midday routine?

For some of you that may be way too much structure in your day. You would rather shoot from the hip and see what life brings you.

For others, the more structure the better. Help keep me on task so I can check off my to do list and reach my goals faster.

And for still others, you might need something in between. A few habits here and there that help you maintain some structure.

Whatever group you fall in, let’s look at what a midday routine might look like.

It could include things like:

· Scheduling a standing lunch appointment with yourself

· Taking one minute for deep breaths – a pause in the day

· Doing stretches

· Taking a walk around the block

· Fuel your brain with food

· Being mindful of what you are eating for lunch

· Being thankful for your nourishment

· Reassessing your to-do list

· Checking in with your energy and what your body is telling you

· Maybe do a quick errand to break up your day

· Drink water

A midday routine might help erase that afternoon slump when you reach for more coffee or caffeine to get you through the rest of the afternoon.

And to do that, a nutritious lunch, eaten mindfully might be the most important part.

How NOCK Collaborative can help

At NOCK Collaborative, we offer science-based, personalized solutions using healthy eating and sustainable habits as the base for a better and healthier you. Our mission is to provide millions of people across the globe, who are engaging in diet and weight loss programs each year, a fun and ethical pathway to reach their goals and leave the diet cycle behind.

One of our experiences is The Mindful Lunch.

"Allow yourself this moment to nourish your body in the midst of your busy day."

The Mindful Lunch is all about being aware of the physical and emotional sensations associated with eating.

Often when we are busy with our day, we forget to take a break to eat lunch. Or, if we do eat lunch, it is something quick and often eaten in front of the TV or our computer.

Having a midday routine may be able to help you consciously eat lunch to replenish your energy and take a step towards a healthier you.

When you are mindful of what you are eating, you will be aware of the taste and pleasure you get from whatever food you are eating. And if you notice it’s not that great, maybe that meal gets eliminated from your diet.

You will also notice your hunger cues. When your focus is on just eating, it is easier to notice when you are full. Sometimes when you eat in front of a computer or TV, you aren’t even aware of how much you are eating until it is gone. Being mindful may help you stop when your body tells you it's full.

NOCK’s experience will guide you through five days of being mindful while you eat your lunch to set you up for making this a habit and a regular part of your midday routine.

Setting up and following morning and evening routines help create habits that can have long-term positive effects on your life and body.

Adding a midday routine that includes mindful eating might become the best new habit of all.

At NOCK Collaborative, we offer a proprietary method that places personalization at the forefront, connecting how you think, consume, and move with 8 elements of your lifestyle. Our work is designed to offer people a sustainable and fun pathway to overall well-being, helping them leave diets and the quick-fix mindset behind. At NOCK, everything is connected.

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This post was written by Laurie Jonas. Laurie lives in Minnesota with her husband of 32 years. She has 3 grown children and one beautiful little grandchild. Laurie is the creative writer at Living Marvelously. Living Marvelously is a blog to share ways for you to make the most of this beautiful adventure that is life. She wrote the book, The 5 Ls of Living Marvelously and is an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer. In addition, Laurie is a Program Experience Advisor at NOCK Collaborative.

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