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Meet Erin McIntyre, MS RDN

Erin is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science. After healing herself through nutrition years ago, she has been helping others from all walks of life achieve their health and wellness goals. She uses a habit-based, holistic approach with her clients at NOCK that is supportive and compassionate.

By uncovering limiting beliefs and improving their mindset, and their relationship to food and their body, she takes a collaborative approach with her clients. Co-creating habits and rituals with clients helps them become effective leaders in their lives for lasting transformation. Erin is also a certified yoga instructor/yogi, CrossFitter, certified scuba diver, adventure enthusiast, and was a competitive dancer (once upon a time). Passionate about coaching, working with Erin helps her clients feel at home in a space to learn and grow.

Erin has both her undergraduate degree and her Master's Degree in Nutritional Science from Cal State LA. During her time there, she also received a certificate in Sports Nutrition. Recently, Erin completed her Dietetic Internship with Sodexo, the world’s leading private employer of RDNs.

Let's see how Erin can help you!

How would you describe your coaching style?

Client centered, deep work, understanding, kind, supportive, internal motivation, seeing the person and meeting them where they are, habits-based, relaxed yet focused. Everybody’s journey looks different- I leave space for that and welcome that.

Who are you best equipped to serve, and why?

I love working with women who want to reclaim their femininity and power through authenticity. I am best equipped to serve this group because I AM them. I have been through so many hormonal ups and downs that I feel I have a unique perspective and ability to help women experiencing hormone dysregulation achieve balance. I best help anyone who values and appreciates a more yin-like flow (supportive, calming, happy nervous system).

Who gravitates toward working with you? Women and men who gravitate towards working with me are those who appreciate trying new things, experimenting, taking things one step at a time, and who are introspective and curious. Many times my clients' biggest obstacles are making time for the things that are important to them, like their health, learning to prioritize themselves, needing supportive life hacks, and having the courage to celebrate themselves. What is important to many of my clients is that they want more energy to spend more quality time with their loved ones doing things that bring them joy, more confidence to express and love themselves fully, more fulfilling relationships (with themselves and others), and better knowledge about what works best for them. I help my clients to see what they are already doing right and build on that by using their natural skills in their favor, rather than going against the grain. This matches perfectly with the NOCK Wellness program.

How do you help people confront and overcome their obstacles?

People who want to be seen fully and are ready for a more supportive approach to life and growth and change. My clients want to feel better in their bodies, have better communication with their bodies, speak to themselves in a nicer and more supportive way, have more energy to enjoy their life, feel more confident in their own skin, and truly feel empowered to make decisions that are nourishing.

Their worries: not living their fullest and best life.

What are the positives that will show up when someone detaches from diets and labels the way they eat?

FREEDOM! Freedom to know themselves and to know what is best for them. They know the internal voice is correct, and all the voices on the outside are to be carefully selected. They will know best. No rules- just choices that support them.

When you are coaching the Sustainable Weight Loss Program at NOCK, the members most often arrive with a weight loss goal. How do you honor what they want while simultaneously helping them detach from diets and the quick-fix mindset and provide a safe track to run on?

Focus on the healthy habits and the mindset as well as the reason behind the habits. It’s important to work towards full acceptance of the journey to achieving your goals in a balanced way. Also, make sure that the client feels supported and seen in whatever they are processing/going through.

With your credentials and your passion for exploring ways to heal, you have an interesting combination of sciences. How do you marry them together through your coaching? How do you motivate and inspire your clients to follow through and move toward their goals?

I feel like I have a good combination of science/research and holistic/coaching so that I can see things from many perspectives. I motivate my clients to follow through and move towards their goals by moving at their pace, making it ok to have setbacks, and finding other ways to achieve motivation (we aren’t always going to be motivated). I place consistency over motivation and make it EASY to achieve their goals by making them stress-free, fun, and supportive. I also always reconnect them to their WHY and keep coming back to small wins. Motivation will wane, and this is expected.

At NOCK, we talk a lot about amplifying the upside to change. That’s not exactly easy when someone begins working with us. What’s one simple step you recommend to someone who is having a hard time viewing change as fun?

Think about ways to MAKE it more fun! This is a fun thought experiment that can help bring more joy into the inevitable anxiety of change. Another step would be to really sit with the feelings that come up and acknowledge them.

Tell me a little bit about the sustainable habits that you have built into your life and how they support you through life events that could otherwise throw you off.

Some sustainable habits that I have adopted that SAVE ME, especially when stress or business hits, are:

  • Always have healthy snacks and water on hand (I bring a large reusable hydro flask with me wherever I go and usually some fruit and nuts in my bag/car for emergencies)

  • I always prioritize protein and complex carbs, so I don’t have an energy spike and crash.

  • I prioritize my sleep and get at least 8 hours every night, so I feel energized and alert the next day.

  • I make sure I have veggies EVERY DAY, so my digestion is happy!

  • I don’t drink caffeine- even when I crave it- I have found substitutes that I LOVE that make me feel SOOO much better (like mud/water).

  • I never skip breakfast!

  • I listen to my body and speak nicely to myself (this one took a while, and still working on it)

  • I try to move every day, even if it's just stretching

  • One of my faves is to cook larger dinners so that we have leftovers for lunch for the week - lunch is the weak link.

If you would like to work with Erin to achieve your sustainable lifestyle, schedule a discovery call today!

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