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Dr Joey Weber - Equanimity Enthusiast

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the work of Mindfulness and Equanimity Expert, Joey Weber Ph.D. in our course Overcoming Emotional Imbalance. While the title might not infer light and playful, that is how Joey uniquely invites us into examining our barriers to well-being in order to develop self-compassion as the base for inner and outer change.

As an author, a scholar, and the Creator of the Equanimity Barriers Scale, he exposes his own vulnerabilities in our 6-part course to help you feel comfortable sitting down with yours. In one of the first videos, Joey shares a few of his current and past vices in a sincere effort to say, "Hey, I may be an equanimity and mindfulness guy, but I struggle too."

Joey's book, 'Why Mindfulness is not Enough: Unlocking Compassion with Equanimity' is a practical, step by step guide to working out our judgments so we can have fewer emotional outbreaks, avoiding societal emotional contagion and inner and outer turmoil that often shows up in the course of many of our days. Mindful Magazine featured the book in a recent article, 14 Books and Podcasts to Embrace the New Year.

It seems the world needs this right now with so many potentially divisive topics swirling around the table and filling up our newsfeeds. If you are reading this thinking about the outburst you had yesterday at the grocery store or the impact that someone else's emotions have had on you lately, equanimity can help tame all of your experiences.

Joey makes his home in Manchester, England. After spending his early years living in a Tibetan monastic community, he chose the path of becoming an expert in mindfulness and equanimity, completing his Ph.D. in 2020.

This work is for everyone and our course is designed to start at the root and build because, in order to become more equanimous, the foundation needs to be built.

Sign up for Overcoming Emotional Imbalance, receive a free copy (Ebook) of Joey's Book, 'Why Mindfulness is not Enough: Unlocking Equanimity through Self-Compassion', and join the self-awareness party.

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