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We are a team of certified coaches and experts.

When you reach out to us, you will connect with a professional who cares.

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We deliver information with clarity and care while simultaneously reminding people to tap into what makes them happy and enjoy the process.

Navigating endless advice and opinions can be overwhelming. Our programs are curated by professionals to reduce feelings of confusion. We believe every body and mind can thrive, including yours. You deserve the personalized attention we provide. With our support, education and guidance we are confident that you can create a sustainable lifestyle. Studies show that building happiness has many benefits including boosting your physical and financial health. With this in mind, we create programs to help you access the things that uniquely make you happy and help you implement them into your life. We love to have fun and enhance our programs with laughter, flavorful recipes, music playlists and nature's beauty. We have optional community and group activities as well.


We provide solutions to the barriers presented in diet and quick-fix wellness programs in your past through Sustainable Weight Loss (SWL) and Stress Management.  Reach your goals and release what is holding you down. While we work with all people, our program standards of conduct protect women of all ages from harmful practices such as before and after pictures and restrictive diet programs. In addition, we base our programs on Evidence Based Practice (EBP).  EBP applies a systematic way of thinking, integrating scientific data with professional experience to support the needs of each unique individual.

We offer group and 1:1 wellness coaching for highly committed, busy professionals and trail-blazing organizations
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