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Stephanie Fee-Maschek

Founder & CEO

In 2015, Stephanie found that the demands and experiences of her career in the wine industry were taking a toll on her health. She began (what started off to be) her weight loss journey and as she moved through various stages of change, she realized that diets had exhausted her confidence and proved to be effective only in the short term.  Moving through the phases of transformation, she realized that there were enormous and endless obstacles presented within the existing structures of diet and weight loss programs. In addition, she realized how endless opinions, advice and labels were overwhelming and confusing her in the process. She began asking herself and others a lot of questions.  She decided that she was going to disengage from labeling the way she ate and focus on tuning into her mind, body and trusted sources in order to find what worked for her.  In the process, her physical body transformed and she discovered the value of releasing the weight of her past experiences.

It became very clear that most women were battling the same obstacles. With that, she became motivated to create the solution. Utilizing her professional coaching skills, developed while working for Strategic Coach, a premier business coaching company for entrepreneurs, she developed the first version of The Nock Life Program.  In 2019, a beta group was formed and that group provided the justificatory basis for the ultimate formation of Nock, LLC in January of 2020.


Today, Stephanie’s vision is for every woman to sit down to the table with confidence and discover a life beyond a weight loss goal.

Stephanie is currently pursuing her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and will enroll in the Cornell University Critical Thinking Certificate Program in late 2021.  She is an active cohort of The Polk Institute for Social Entrepreneurship and a member of Founders First System.

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Kristen Thorkelson

Director of Operations

As Nock's Director of Operations, Kristen creates and manages organizational processes and procedures.  In addition, she excels at adding value to the member experience.  Kristen is driven by her belief in the method, the collaborative and the members of Nock.


After years of restrictive dieting, Kristen joined The Nock Life Program in August 2020. In the process, she discovered a life beyond weight loss, created her sustainable lifestyle and joined Nock as a founding team member.

Kristen's professional history includes health care marketing and six years as a full time, stay-at-home mother.  In addition, Kristen is a passionate philanthropist, currently working with several local nonprofits in Sioux Falls, SD. She has helped raise over $500,000 in grants given to cancer patients in her community and over $600,000 for a human trafficking non-profit serving the upper midwest. Serving women and providing them a safe place to grow and prosper is her passion.

Kristen is working on her Precision Nutrition Certification and holds a Bachelors degree in Business from Augustana University.


Erin McIntyre, MS

Nock Life Coach

Erin McIntyre is a Nutritionist who works with women of all ages to help them achieve hormone balance, healthy weight and lasting results all through a holistic, client-centered approach. Erin believes that through empowering women to achieve a healthy relationship with themselves by adopting skills and

strategies to live life on their terms, she is building a community of feminine leaders that not only rewrite their own stories but also those of generations to come. Erin believes that this work goes far beyond the scale.

Erin has both her undergraduate degree and her Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from Cal State LA. During her time there she also received a certificate in Sports Nutrition. Erin is currently completing her Dietetic Internship with Sodexo, the world’s leading private employer of RDNs. She is also pursuing a certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition.  Erin will have her RDN

license by Summer 2021.


Jill Zimmerman

Integrative Wellness Practitioner

Jill has been a wellness practitioner & guide for over 

25 years. She has a  Bachelor's degree from Naropa University in the Arts, minoring in the Contemplative Eastern Arts of Yoga, Aikido and Meditation. 


Jill's private apprenticeship to the healing arts began in Hong Kong and Bali in 1998. She has trained with masters from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Her studies include energy work, body work, one-on-one consultations, group facilitation, western herbs, wild medicinals and whole food nutrition.


Her personal wellness practice is based on the tools she shares of movement, nutrition and restoration. 

Years as a visual artist, wilderness guide in Alaska, bio-dynamic farming, love of food, family, community and outdoor adventures deeply influence her daily wellness.

Jill currently sees clients online and privately in Los Angeles.