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Tracy Colin

Certified Wellness Coach

Tracy is a certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer through NASM. She is currently studying for her Master’s in Public Health at Hunter College in Food and Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian. Tracy specializes in finding fun in nutritious eating and developing better choices when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle. Tracy has worked with those who have wanted to achieve healthy goals in losing weight, changing lifestyles, and families with picky eating.

Tracy Colin


My biggest interest in working with clients is incorporating their lifestyle to help them become the best version of themselves.


Tracy has a undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. During college she found her budding interest in fitness and nutrition. She later worked for UnitedHealthCare where she participated in challenges and volunteer work to help individuals who live in food deserts and kids to learn about the different ways to expose themselves to fruits and vegetables.

Outside of work, you can find Tracy taking part in her many hobbies including weightlifting, cooking, and trying out new recipes, yoga or Pilates, reading, or diving into a mystery/thriller/suspense novel. She is currently trying to expand her cooking techniques by learning French culinary techniques in sauces and other meals.

We offer group and 1:1 wellness coaching for highly committed, busy professionals and trail-blazing organizations
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