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Design your sustainable lifestyle. Download the app now.

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It’s not that you have failed at everything you have tried before. It’s that everything you have tried before wasn’t designed for YOU.

Find out your personalized habit-building blueprint.

NOCK’s self-guided app leads you through a personalized pathway of audio courses to create Wellness Your Way and break free from quick fixes and one-size-fits-all approaches. Yes, there are science and evidence-based methods to lose weight, gain strength, decrease stress, and improve whole-person health. But the special mix of habits, behaviors, and daily tools that get you to practice these methods regularly and effectively are just as unique to you as your own fingerprint. 

Download the App to Take the Habit-Building Assessment

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Personalized to you

Maybe you’re someone who thrives in organization and structure. Or maybe you need more flexibility so you don’t feel boxed in. However you operate, you’ll be put on a path with customized advice, behaviors, and daily tools that will be most effective for you to build lifelong habits that stick.

Inspiration and resources

Access recipes, special programs, and inspiring stories from other people who have created wellness their way.

Evidence-based courses

Explore courses like The Mind-Body-Life Reset Program for Better Sleep and Weight Care, and Foundations of Change, the set up of your NOCK Life to support lasting results.


The Set-Up

“NOCKing the arrow is the most important part of the set up in archery, but it is often overlooked in a rush to hit the target. Sound familiar? Not this time. First, you’ll complete an assessment to understand how you operate best. We’ll analyze your lifestyle, personality and biology in order to understand your unique habit-building  blueprint.


In-app audio courses

Once you know your habit-building blueprint, you’ll be set on a guided pathway through NOCK’s in-app audio courses designed uniquely for you. All of our courses are inspired by science, including nutritional science, the science of happiness, and eco psychology.


Fed up with one-size-fits all approaches?

Maybe you’re feeling discouraged, angry, or like you don’t know where else to turn or what else to do. Our founders felt that way too. Each of us has our own wellness journey that was only possible because we made it work our way. So they created a system to design your healthiest lifestyle your way.

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"The NOCK LIFE Program and app have been transformational for me on my journey from stressed out, overweight entrepreneur back to becoming a happy, healthy, high-performing human again."

Entrepreneur - Male, 40 Years Old  

"Weight struggles used to occupy my thoughts... I lost 46 pounds and I gained confidence to never give up on myself."

Maria, Milwaukee WI

"As a result of my work with NOCK, I was able to lower my A1C levels from 6.8 to 6.2 in 90 Days... if you work the plan, it can save your life."

Cheryl, Long Beach CA

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