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Mindfulness and Equanimity Expert
Joey Weber PhD

Joey takes a playful and honest approach to helping people break through the barriers to well-being. As an author, a scholar and the Founder of Equanamee, he exposes his own vulnerabilities to

help you feel comfortable sitting down with yours.

Overcoming Emotional Imbalance

Six weekly lessons on finding compassion for self and others through mindfulness and equanimity

"With equanimity, we allow the event to sit with us while we monitor our emotions or thoughts.  Then we accept the event that has taken place, before we decide with wisdom how to respond."

- Why Mindfulness is Not Enough, Unlocking Compassion through Equanimity

I have always been very existential and concerned with meaning and purpose. My parents fell in love with Buddhism in India in the 70s, gave up everything, and moved into a Tibetan monastic community when they returned home to the UK.  I grew up there, in the midst of a hippy vibe with a bunch of Westerners living and working in exchange for teachings, pujas and cups of Tibetan butter tea. My formative years no doubt scaffolded my interest in meditation, even though I probably hated it at the time.  Now, I love it and have made it my life's work, focusing on cultivating equanimity which centers on the non-judgement aspect of mindfulness.  The Equanamee Method that I developed helps individuals and groups unpack why we discriminate and how to find compassion.  I'm excited to introduce this practice, starting with the process of overcoming emotional imbalance through compassion for self and others.

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  • Equanimity

    Every year
    Overcoming Emotional Imbalance with Joey Weber PhD
    Valid for 2 years+ 3 day free trial
    • Weekly Videos
    • Weekly Meditations
    • Joey's E-Book "Why Mindfulness is Not Enough"
    • Weekly Self-Care Assignments
    • EquanimiTEA Recipe Book
    • Comprehensive Course Workbook
    • Community Chat
    • Mobile app and Desktop Access
    • 6-Week Course with 12 month access
    • NOCK Collaborative Live Monthy Wellness Forum
We offer group and 1:1 wellness coaching for highly committed, busy professionals and trail-blazing organizations
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