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It's Time to Rewrite Your Relationship to Paying Attention to
Your Biggest Opportunity:  A Healthier, Happier You

Our innovate programs are designed to activate and empower you to think,

consume and move toward the person that you truly want to be. 

You already are that person, we help you activate your future self NOW.

Peruse our program packages, apply and book a 15 minute consultation. 

Once we identify that we are a great fit for you, we will gratefully

welcome you to NOCK LIFE.


Fact:  Our skeletal systems are regenerated every 90 days
We think of well-being as the backbone that holds you upright

•  12-Weeks is our minimum requirement because our programs are designed to to promote longterm change 

•  We align our work to move through a year long process for the most sustainable results

but quarters are such a great way to flow through the year.

•  What we are doing here is helping you adapt (make a choice to keep going) even when challenges arise so you can become resilient (build drive to keep going, no matter what comes your way).   

•  You need and deserve time to practice and move through life events with the right support.


Resilience Training through Sustainable and Healthy Habits in our
3-Pillar System making it easy to put wellness to work, at work and beyond


The Lifestyle Transformer Series is offered as a live, group workshop to help leaders understand the value and benefits that come with integrative wellness and as a self-paced online wellness course

for your team, accessible from desktop or mobile app.

This 12-Week wellness workshop package is a deep dive into how 8 elements of a lifestyle are

integral to the well-being of your organization.  Walk away with powerful stress management techniques, your top 10 organizational habits of thought, consumption and movement supported by a simple and powerful routine that builds organizational resilience and produces quantifiable results.


  • PHYSICAL – Here we focus on how your organizational practices can support you and your team in finding good quality sleep, use the practice of mindful eating and nutrition for gut health as a stress and weight management tool and embrace a new way of approaching physical movement that brings optimum results.

  • EMOTIONAL – Release what is holding you back so you can help your team move through daily life challenges at work and at home with effective communication techniques that address inner and outer dialogue, calm the nervous system and enhance brain connectivity.

  • CAREER – Encouraging growth and development by helping your team effectively set goals as a group and individuals, promoting a growth mindset and increasing work satisfaction and productivity.

  • INTELLECTUAL –Cultivate your team's development by creating a healthy relationship with time management through creative strategies that reduce anxiety and overwhelm and create a culture that fuels your team's desire to learn by understanding different learning styles.

  • SOCIAL – Effectively help your team build a support system in and outside of work.  Maintain healthy relationships with clients and colleagues through learning new ways to create collaborative teamwork and strengthen communication in order lessen unnecessary drama and stress so you can grow your referral network and retain and promote top talent.

  • FINANCIAL – Learn how to compassionately work through financial questions and challenges that arise with your team and create strategies to incentivize organizational performance and teamwork.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL – Arm your organization with strategies that make health and well-being accessible from home, the office or on the road and learn how to overcome environmental stressors.

  • EXISTENTIAL – Help your team find purpose and meaning behind their work at all levels and create a strategy to collectively reconnect to your company mission and vision before and after company meetings.

We Offer On Site and Online Team Building Wellness Experiences

Instead of playing games, immerse your team in our fun and exploratory

thinking, consumption and movement events that make a lasting difference

Running in City


Running in City
•  Activate your team through our 21 Day Mind. Body. Life. Digital Reset Program

•  Move through the experience as a company or in small groups with access to group chat in our online wellness portal

•  Create rewards to incentivize your team

Get started by booking a Mindful Lunch and Learn

Friends at Lunch

A great way to get introduced to NOCK LIFE for Teams.  A 60 minute virtual or in-person training based on a lifestyle element or select pillar (thinking, consumption, movement).  Your team will leave with 1 powerful and simple tool they can use to manage their stress even on their busiest days.




We can answer any questions you may have about our Program packages and pricing,

and build your NOCK LIFE Program Experience.

Our top offering.  We get to know your team and provide ongoing support through 4 quarters of the year.

Team wellness evaluations and lifestyle assessments prior to start date

Full access to self-paced online modules courses for all team members

The Lifestyle Transformer 12-Week Leadership Experience with Quarterly Workshops and Assessments

The Lifestyle Transformer self-paced online course for teams

We attend 1 monthly team meeting, opening with a stress management technique 

1:1 private coaching for leaders and selected team members

Live Monthly Q&A Session for all team members

Live Monthly Q&A for senior leadership team

12 month follow up team wellness evaluations and lifestyle assessments prior to start date to evaluate metrics and ROI

We offer group and 1:1 wellness coaching for highly committed, busy professionals and trail-blazing organizations
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