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Overcoming Emotional Imbalance

  • 365Days
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Join Mindfulness and Equanimity Expert, Joey Weber PhD for a 6-week digital course that will help you find composure by finding compassion for self and others. Each week, Joey will guide you through the exploring the practice of equanimity through conversation and meditation. Dig into the course workbook, laugh a bit, chat with other participants and receive a weekly cup of equanimiTEA to sip and enjoy alongside the course. Each participant will receive an Ebook copy of Joey's book, Why Mindfulness is Not Enough - Unlocking Compassion with Equanimity. We will host a live workshop that will be available On Demand for those who are unable to attend. Joey sits down with you and shares his own vulnerabilities so you feel more comfortable sitting down with yours. START WITH A 3 DAY FREE TRIAL

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